Nautilus Acupuncture delivers a threefold approach to understanding your health – through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Scientific Medicine and the practice of yoga.

At Nautilus Acupuncture, we blend our deep passion and expertise in Chinese Medicine with our knowledge and experience in the Western medical model of healthcare.

Using the principles and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we take a ‘whole body approach’ to your wellness – considering how the mind, body, emotions, environment, diet, and movement each play a role in your overall health.

Our aim is to determine the underlying cause of illness and disease and work with you to craft personalised treatment plans to support your wellbeing journey.

You are in very capable, confident and experienced hands at Nautilus Acupuncture.

Empowering you towards better health

Waking up exhausted, frequently feeling stressed and anxious or suffering through acute, chronic or recurring pain does not have to be part of everyday life.

Everyone deserves to live a vibrant life with optimal health. Our goal is to support you to get there and stay there. We do this by providing holistic and highly personalised Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture therapies in a nurturing environment.

At Nautilus Acupuncture, we treat:

Acupuncture Pain Relief


Knee pain, osteoarthritis, neck, low back, shoulder pain, joint problems

Acupuncture Head aches

Migraine & headaches

Tension headaches, stress management, anxiety, insomnia, TMJ pain

Acupuncture Allergies

Allergies & immune support

Recurrent sinus congestion, facial pain, sinus pressure, immunity support

Acupuncture Digestion

Digestive issues

Irritable bowel, constipation, post-operative & chemotherapy induced nausea

Acupuncture Womens health

Women’s health

Menstrual pain, cycle regulation, natural fertility support, menopausal hot flushes, fatigue

Acupuncture Pregnancy support

Pregnancy support

Back and pelvic pain, nausea, reflux, headaches, natural labour preparation, post-partum care

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may be used to alleviate a variety of symptoms associated with other conditions that are not listed here. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss whether Acupuncture may be beneficial for your individual health concerns.

The Nautilus Acupuncture difference

An integrated approach to your healthcare

Our team brings a wealth of experience from over 20 years working in a healthcare setting. We offer guidance and support through the challenges that can come with complex medical problems. Our team works collaboratively with each client and other health practitioners to provide a comprehensive approach to your healthcare.

Complete treatment approach & enhanced effectiveness

In addition to acupuncture, we provide a range of supportive treatment options such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure prescriptions, myofascial release techniques and yoga therapies. Pairing acupuncture with a variety of therapeutic tools and practices provides a more comprehensive approach and can enhance treatment effectiveness.

Personalised and nurturing care

Our highly skilled practitioners take the time to get to know you in a safe and supported space. Using the philosophies and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we determine where your body is out of balance, how this may be contributing to illness, weakness or pain and provide a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals.

Hands-on, one-to-one care

You are our focus. We only ever treat one patient at a time (rather than attending to other rooms during your appointment). We ensure you get the most from your time with us and will often incorporate other traditional therapies into your acupuncture treatment, such as moxibustion, cupping, dry needling, and tui-na massage.

Meet Nautilus Acupuncture founder

Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell Acupuncturist Sunshine Coast

Laura Campbell started Nautilus Acupuncture with a strong drive to educate, empower and enable people of all ages to live a healthier, more balanced and vibrant life.

Growing up with her mum, well-respected and highly skilled Acupuncturist, Fran Barns, Laura always knew that she would dedicate her career to healthcare and healing. One of Laura’s areas of interest is musculoskeletal pain and disorders, with her treatment style being heavily influenced by Fran’s 25 years in practice.

Along with her 10 years as a registered Acupuncturist, Laura brings more than 20 years of emergency nursing experience from around Australia and the UK. She recognises that while Western medicine has an incredible capacity to save lives and manage complicated health problems, there are some areas where a more holistic and integrated approach is beneficial. Laura believes a greater understanding of Chinese Medicine and the role it can have in health and wellbeing could support better health outcomes for all.

Laura has always had an interest in blending yoga practices and philosophies into her acupuncture treatments. She has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training to both deepen her knowledge and skills and to offer classes and workshops that combine these two powerful and profound healing practices.


One-on-one and small group yoga sessions available – contact us for more information.

Laura is an active member of her industry, continually advocating for and improving referral pathways between medical doctors and complementary health practitioners. She is a Registered Acupuncturist with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.

Experience the Nautilus Acupuncture difference

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